Begin Process of Change

How to Begin the Process of Change

ProcessofChange-HCJoeRaymondIn our last post, we talked about how our attitude to adversity affects our life, and how to change how we respond to adversity. Today we’ll talk about how to begin the Process of Change in our lives.

Let’s start by thinking of something you are not presently doing that would make a significant positive difference in your personal or professional life if you did it on a regular basis…write it down. Then write down 5 things you can do to begin the process.

Change is a commitment to yourself…

Real change begins by making small promises to ourselves and keeping them. Make a commitment to yourself to do some small thing every day that will benefit you personally. Keep your promise to yourself and do it! Write down your promise.

Affirmations and visualizations are powerful tools for change, Imagine a situation where you allow outside influences to distract you from your goal. Visualize your self being proactive and staying focused on the essence of your goal. You may want to read my post: Have You Created Your Vision and Mission Statement?, which talks about creating your vision and your mission statement. They are very relevant topics on the process of change.

Using Dream Boards for Visualization

Aaron Murphy (who overcame the obstacles of a difficult birth and more) has challenged his peers to create dream boards and place them where they can see them every day as a reminder of what they want most. A dream board is a collage of pictures and words that describe where you want to be or what you want to become at some specified time in the future. It may include such things as your personal vision or mission statement.

DreamBoardforVisualization-HCJoeRaymondBefore you throw away old magazines, look for pictures that inspire you and cut them out. Get a big piece of poster board and start pasting the pictures on your dream board. Look for images and words that inspire, motivate, or ignite your passion. See how you can capture, in a picture or a short phrase, an image that will keep your dream and vision alive every time you see it. Next time you pick up a magazine or newspaper, look for thoughts or photos that inspire you. Clip them out to use as resource material for your dream board. Especially for those who are visually oriented, a dream board helps you define and focus on things and ideas that motivate you.

You want to move towards seeing yourself as a whole person and finding balance in your life. You have discovered where you want to go (mission and vision statements). As you develop your purpose, you will make sure to nurture the most important vehicle you have to get you there: You – your mind, heart, body and spirit. If you do not take care of the goose that lays the golden egg, there will be no more golden eggs.

This is an excerpt from my book “Embracing Change From the Inside Out”

If you’re ready to make life changes from the inside out contact me, I will help you understand how to make those changes.

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