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Overcome Childhood Obstacles

Children deserve unconditional love and parenting that provides a balance between nurture and structure. Because many adults did not receive this nurturing when they were children, their interaction with their own children does not always provide this balance of nurture and structure. There is no point in blaming our parents now, as they themselves are […]

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Personal Change

Personal change is a choice. One of the greatest gifts we have is the freedom to choose. Yet, when it comes to change, many people wage an internal battle. Most people want to make some changes in their lives, yet they resist and fight the change. Some do not want to make the effort; others […]

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Recent studies indicate that stress increases the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems by pushing people towards habits of unhealthy behaviors. Over a seven-year follow-up period, incidence of cardiovascular events – heart attacks, stroke, bypass surgery and the like – was 50% higher among the people with a higher level of depression and […]

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