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Mission Statement

Before committing to change, you must begin by discovering who you are – what gift you bring into this world. You must learn what talent and skills you have to support your gift. You must also think about what service you can provide to fill a need in your community. You may already be seeing […]

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Reduce Stress - HC Joe Raymond

Reduce Stress

Every living being experiences stress. It is not possible to be alive without stress. Life is not fair. Life is not about being dealt a good hand; it is about playing well, whatever hand you have been dealt. The challenge is to reduce the negative effects of stress, and make stress work positively for you.

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Discover Yourself - HC Joe Raymond

Who Are You

Who am I is a question everyone has asked at one time or another in their life. So, how can you find out who you are? No matter what problems you have faced are you willing to believe in yourself. Be open to the voice inside you that tells you that you are a worthwhile […]

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Who Am I - HC Joe Raymond

Who Am I

When my children were growing up, I would often say to them, “Remember who you are”. Usually they would retort back “Oh Dad, I am . . .” then they would state their name. My concern was not that they would forget their name, but that they would not remember that they stood for something. […]

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