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How to Change the World Through Your Personal Change

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change toward him…We need not wait to see what others do.” – Mahatma Gandhi

changefromwithin-hcjoeraymondLet’s talk about how, as you change from within, and embrace that change, there is great potential of affecting change to the world outside.

Let’s begin by talking about “Leading with Style“.
Great teachers inspire learning:

  • They encourage you to learn and think for yourself.
  • They encourage you to apply and share what you have learned.
  • They do not try to teach you everything they know or to cover all the available material.

Rather they discern your need and provide you with enough information to inspire you to move forward with your heart, mind, body, and spirit. They lead you to the water of knowledge and create a thirst for learning. They lead by example, love and testimony. To generate social and systemic change requires cooperation and sharing this kind of leadership.

Great leaders share some characteristics with great teachers. The great ones have mastered the art of personal change. They are skilled at building positive relationships. A great leader does not have only one leadership style. She or he understands various styles and is able to apply them to the appropriate situations. The choice of one style over another can depend on the readiness and growth of the followers.

What are some different leadership styles?


Some leaders are more direct, displaying what we think of as a “take charge” style. They usually give their followers specific instructions, and then follow up to see that the job is done to their specifications. They are more task-oriented. This style works best when the follower is just beginning or learning. When people are just learning, they are comfortable with more structure and direction. Once people learn their jobs, this style actually limits their growth.


leadership-hcjoeraymondOther leaders consult with their followers before making a decision. This works with followers who have mastered some level of competency, yet are more comfortable with some direction. Once the followers have mastered a higher level of competency, they need more involvement in the decision making process. They will flourish under the next leadership style.


Other leaders consult with their followers and peers in order to make joint decisions. This is the most interactive style and fosters the most growth, especially for followers.


However, one more – less interactive – style of leadership allows for some autonomy and calls on more of the knowledge and skills of the worker. This style is delegation. The level of delegation can vary with the competency and trustworthiness of the worker, ranging from “check with me before doing” to “do it and report back” to just “do it and let me know if there are any problems.”

What is your leadership style?

Leadership vs Management

What is the difference between leadership and management? Leadership applies to people while management applies to things.

Leadership is an art that enables change in others. It is relationship oriented. Effective leaders lead by example. They model the behaviors they want to promote. They focus on creating a common vision.

On the other hand, management is a science. You manage time, priorities, energy, money and other resources. Management focuses on doing things a certain way with predictable outcomes. Management is task oriented.

Both leadership and management are essential to achieving either personal or systemic change. While some people have more talent and skills in one area than the other, the qualities necessary for good leadership and good management can definitely co-exist.

How can you use your gift, talents and skills to make a difference when you are in a leadership positions?

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