Inspiration for Change

Can You Be an Inspiration for Others to Change?

“A careless word may kindle strife. A cruel word may wreck a life. A timely word may level stress. But a loving word may heal ad bless.” – Unknown

InspirationforChange-HCJoeRaymondPerhaps as you have worked on the changes you want to make in your own life, you have run up against obstacles that made you want to quit. Then someone came along and said or did something that re-ignited the fire within you. You can have the same impact on others as you work to inspire them to rise to their potential.

We will discuss generating mutual respect and trust as a means to inspire change as well as the role of human needs. You open the way to build bridges of understanding and trust by reaching a healthy balance between meeting your own needs and helping others meet theirs.

You inspire others to change as you generate mutual respect and trust. Mutual respect implies that you respect others and yourself. You also earn other people’s respect as you encourage others to respect themselves.

You establish trust as you demonstrate character and competency. This trust grows as you build and nurture solid personal and business relationships where all parties feel understood and they get their needs met. This comes as you know what you want and need, and you clearly and concisely ask for what you need. You also ask others how you can help them meet their needs.

People generally act a certain way in response to meeting a need. As you interact with others, consider how this interaction assists them to get their needs met.

Six primary needs hold true for all human beings…they are:

  1. Survival: We all have basic physical needs – air, food, water and shelter from the elements.
  2. Safety and security: We all need to know that someone or something will help or take care of us.
  3. SelfWorth-HCoeRaymondBelonging and connection: We all need to be part of a greater whole or collective. We need to be able to give and receive love and acceptance.
  4. Knowledge and competency: We all need to believe that we can learn, perform tasks well and receive recognition for what we know and how we perform.
  5. Autonomy: We all need to have control over our own lives and the ability to make our own decisions.
  6. Value and worthiness: We all need to feel confident in our own self-worth, and have others recognize it as well. We need to feel valued and worthy by contributing to causes greater than ourselves.

The Role of Actions and Interactions

As you understand that all actions and interactions are in response to one of these needs, you see ways to help others meet their needs. You will see people’s dis-empowering behaviors not as a dysfunction, but as a response to meeting their needs. You will be able to apply your gift, talents and skills to inspire them to change. As you do this, you will also be meeting some of your own needs or belonging and connection, for feeling valued and worthy. Your ability to inspire others to change depends on how well you help them meet their six primary needs.

The first step to inspire others to change is to remember that we cannot control the changes that others choose to make. In trying to influence others, it is more effective to have a “how can I help” attitude, rather than an expectation that we have the power or the right to control other people’s choices.

This is an excerpt from my book “Embracing Change From the Inside Out”

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