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Have You Created Your Vision and Mission Statement?

CreateYourVision-HCJoeRaymond“Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.” – Unknown

Before committing to change, you must begin by discovering who you are – what gift you bring into this world. You must learn what talent and skills you have to support your gift. You must also think about what service you can provide to fill a need in your community. You may already be seeing ways you can add value to your life and to other people’s lives. These discoveries provide your foundation.

With that foundation in place, you will design a vision and mission statement that helps you to connect with your purpose, set goals to achieve your purpose, and establish priorities consistent with your purpose. These goals will undoubtedly involve change – change which must be embraced from the inside out in order to achieve it.

You will learn how to get understanding for the long term as you develop your vision and mission statements. You will discover where you want to go and how you can get there. To begin that process, answer the following questions. Your answers will reveal who you are in relation to specific people, organizations or causes.

Discover who you are…

  1. Who am I to me?
  2. Who am I to members of my family? (Consider each person individually)
  3. Who am I to friends? (Consider each significant friend)
  4. Who am I to my church or faith community? What do I represent?
  5. Who am I to my business or company? What do I contribute to the growth of my business, my organization, my profession?
  6. Who am I to my wider community? What do I contribute to the health, safety and well-being of my community?
  7. Who am I to other organizations or people who are significant to me?

Your next step is to determine how you will use your gift, talents and passion to add value to the world.

Creating a Personal Vision

VisionStatement-HCJoeRaymondBegin by thinking about how you will use your gift to create positive change in your life and to add value to those you care about most. You must define what you want and be able to visualize the outcome. One way to do this is to create your own personal vision statement. For example, my vision statement is:

I visualize myself being the type of person who can live in a society where people love and respect one another and work together for the common good. I do my part to build, strengthen and support others by applying and exercising my gift of embracing change to bless people’s lives. I share my story and I invite and welcome you and others to share yours. My contribution is that I grow; I become, I inspire; I build; I share; and I serve in ways that create and support the implementation of this common purpose to achieve the common good.

Your vision will undoubtedly look different from mine. What is important is that you see yourself using your gifts, talents and skills to build your dream and add value to those within your circle of influence.

Complete these statements:

  • Five years from now, I see  myself:
  • Ten years from now, I see this happening because of my gift:
  • When my life is complete, I want people to say this about me:

Now write a personal vision statement, in a few sentences, that defines your overarching purpose. You can include how you want to interact with important people in your life and what you what to contribute.

You can change your vision statement later as you grow and change. It is important to start somewhere, because it gives you positive self-direction.

Creating Your Mission Statement

DiscoverYourMission-HCJoeRaymondYour mission statement grows out of your vision. It describes how you intend to realize your vision. Your vision is what you want; your mission is how you intend to get there. For example, my mission statement in part reads:

I develop my Core Gift of inviting, facilitating and embracing inside out, positive, principle-centered, planned personal change through connecting with my source of direction and power, diligent study of correct principles and their application in my life. 

I share my story with others to encourage them to develop their core gifts, talents and skills and to become all they can be.

I am welcoming. I align myself with others to create a welcoming environment that strengthens families and builds communities that are safe for children and families.

Like you vision statement, your mission statement does not need to be perfect. You will revise it as you grow.

Now write your personal mission statement…

You now have a foundation on which you can build. Use your vision and mission statements to help you focus on your lifetime and short-term goals.

This is an excerpt from my book “Embracing Change From the Inside Out”

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