Motivation for Change

What is the Best Source of Motivation For Change?

OutsideSupport-HCJoeRaymondTypically I address the idea of “Inside Out Change”; change that is motivated from the inside and then works it’s way out. But today, I’d like to talk a little about “Outside In Change”, motivation from the outside that inspires change on the inside.

When I shared my intent to write a book on embracing change from the inside out to a group of people in a community network, one of the people said”

“But Joe, we need outside in change to keep order in our society.”

I agree: sometimes, we need outside forces to motivate change. However, that type of change is usually temporary.

The positive effect of outside change…

Outside in change can be positive or negative, depending on our response to the influence of outside forces. Regardless of how internally committed or motivated you are, outside influence affects your ability to change. In its more benign form, outside influence takes the form of a good friend or accountability partner who can inspire you to greater heights than you could achieve alone.

The negative side of outside change…

LegalChange-HCJoeRaymondIn a negative context, sometimes we need law enforcement and courts to protect us from others. However, the changes imposed on these offenders by law enforcement and the like are usually temporary.

Law enforcement and courts are in place to keep people from taking advantage of others. I work in agencies that treat people who have committed drug, alcohol or domestic violence offenses; many of my clients are ordered into treatment by courts. Those who come only to satisfy the courts often re-offend once their court involvement ends. Others start with that intent, but at some point realize that, by making the choice to get involved in their treatment, they can work on permanent change that will ultimately benefit them.

Our society has tended in recent years to make ever-stricter laws and penalties to handle those who break the law. This can be positive or negative, depending on our response to these influences. The sooner we, as individuals, learn to make good choices on our own without being mandated, the fewer legal restraints we need.

Children generally have higher self-esteem when raised in an environment where they are given choices early and learn that there are natural consequence to their choices. They can make better choices as an adult.

This is an excerpt from my book “Embracing Change From the Inside Out”

If you’re ready to make life changes from the inside out contact me, I will help you understand how to make those changes.

You can also contact me to speak at your next event, I will adjust my topic to the needs of your audience.



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