Passion and Personal Growth

How Does Passion Affect Your Personal Growth?

In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.” – shing xiong

PassionandPersonalGrowth-HCJoeRaymondMany people have a plan to grow their business. They are usually successful until they reach a point where the business is running them. They should have made sure they had a plan for personal growth as well as business growth. Not everyone has a plan for personal growth. Somewhere along the way they lose the passion and joy they experienced as a child.

The passion of a child…

Most children have a strong imagination and dream big. Well-meaning adults often discount a child’s dreams because to them it is not reality. What were some of your dreams and passions as a child?

As a young child, I dreamed of being so strong I could stop the bullies. I wanted to be rich so I could help the poor people. I had a plan for this. I was creative and smart. You may remember the Wheaties cereal slogan: “Breakfast of Champions“. I was going to invent an even better cereal; one that would make people so strong no one could hurt them. I was going to make millions of dollars that I could then use to help all the poor people. Some people and experiences reinforced this dream, but others sent discouraging messages. I was often on the receiving end of the bullies. The family I grew up in did not experience wealth. The prevailing attitude was one of a scarcity mentality. Most people of my parents’ generation considered dreaming a luxury and a waste of time.

What were your childhood dreams and how are you keeping them alive today? Write your thoughts in your journal.

You were born to be great…

SeedsofGreatnessYou were born with the seeds of greatness. When you plant a seed, you need to provide nutrients and water so that the soil is good and the seed can grow. The same is true with our own seeds of greatness. You were born dependent and vulnerable. As a child you depended on your parents and other caregivers to nurture these seeds. If the people in your life nurtured your seeds of greatness, you would mature into an independent being and be able to take care of your physical, mental, emotional and social needs. Later you would become interdependent so that, in cooperation with others, you could meet your higher needs and goals. Since children are dependent, vulnerable and immature, their parents and other adults are responsible for their needs and growth. However, as an adult you are responsible for nurturing your own seeds of greatness.

Falling short of your full potential…

As stated earlier, one reason you do not reach your full potential is that you do not know who you are. Perhaps you allow other people or circumstances to define who you are. One way to recognize who you are is to connect with your passion.

As a child, you knew exactly what you wanted – even though that may have changed several times a day. You did not worry about whether or not what you wanted was “productive” or “appropriate”. You just went for it! That was passion. Others can inspire you to greatness, but only you can define in what area you have the passion to pursue greatness, and what that greatness is.

In my next article, I will share the story of someone who recognized her passion, put it to work and realized her dreams.

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