Reach Your Potential

Reach Your Potential by Finding Hidden Strengths

Reach Your Potential - HC Joe RaymondWe all have great potential and untold wealth within…We are born to win, yet soon we are conditioned to lose.” – TJ Hoisington, “If you Think You Can!”

We all have things we wish to accomplish – things that are well within our capacity to achieve – yet somehow we fall short, or perhaps never try. Our limiting beliefs stop us from achieving all that we could lipitor medicine.

A limiting belief is any belief that leads to disempowering thoughts and actions. For example, you may believe that you do not qualify for a promotion because you have not had enough experience:

Your disempowering thought is, “Well I do not qualify anyway, so I will not ask.”

This leads you to take no action

You do not apply for the promotion nor do you do anything to get qualified for it. You remain with the status quo.

This in turn leads to fear, which results in another limiting belief, the belief that you are incapable of change. The result is learned helplessness, which only reinforces your limiting beliefs.

You do not have to allow limiting beliefs to make your life smaller or less fulfilling. When you find your hidden strengths, use them to defeat limiting beliefs.

Find your Hidden Strengths

These strengths may spring from the values we learned as children, at home or in school.

Many of the traditional values that have kept people and families together have been lost to the “hurry up” pace of our society. In many ways, our society has slipped from the moorings that have made us great. We all have seeds of greatness within each of us. We need only nurture them.

As you find your hidden strengths, you will be on the road to realizing your dream or passion. However, you may discover roadblocks that are keeping you from it. To help you discover the obstacles to realizing your dream, answer the questions below.

  • What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself that stop you from realizing your dream or passion?
  • What messages did you receive as a child that helped to create these limiting beliefs?
  • What messages do you receive now from people you regularly interact with that reinforce these beliefs?
  • What messages do you continue to give yourself that reinforce these beliefs?

Roadblocks to Reaching YourPotential - HC Joe RaymondMany people have limiting beliefs that stand in the way of the changes they want to make.

Regardless of whether these beliefs come from your past or current experiences, you can
turn these limitations into strengths.

You cannot change the messages you received, but you can change the way you interpret then.

Going forward, you may have some influence
over the messages you receive in the present by changing with whom you interact or how you interact.

You also choose how you interpret these messages. Ultimately, you do have direct control over the messages you give yourself.

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