Resistance to Change

Do You Resist Making Changes in Your Life?

Resistance to Change - HC Joe RaymondThe measure of faith is the degree to which we are willing to risk telling the truth about what we used to be like, what happened to us and what we are like now” – Patt Manna; Author of Spiritual Confusion

Are you happy with your life? What would you like to change? Many people want to change their lives for the better…

But most people resist change…

I was telling a colleague about my intention to write a book about embracing change and he stated: “I resist change with every fiber of my being.”

When I asked him why, he said: “Because the government and others are always imposing changes that I do not like.”

I told him that he needs my book because it is about you choosing the changes you want to make and acting on that choice until you get the desired results. He liked that idea!

It’s up to You

Notice YOU choose the change you want to make. When you make a choice, you are choosing the consequence of that choice.

If you want the same thing, keep doing the same things. If you want something different, choose to do something different.

Planned personal change is a leap of faith.

Are you happy with the changes you see? What change do you want to see in your life?

What I am proposing – planned, personal change from the inside out – lets you increase and utilize the power you already possess, by integrating the power of body, mind, heart and spirit.

In order to engage the power within, you must fully engage the power of your body, mind, heart and spirit. Thus, you will access the greatness within you to achieve success and

Change Can Bring Happiness - HC Joe RaymondHappiness is living in such a way that you make a positive difference in your life and the lives of those around you. Who you are makes a difference. You can make the world a better place because of who you are, and by fully being your best self. To fully be your best requires real inside out change. It is not easy, it takes effort, but it is worth it.



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