Respond to Adversity

How You Respond to Adversity is Your Choice

RespondtoAdversity-HCJoeRaymond” One last freedom that they cannot take away from me is the freedom to choose how I will respond to situations of which I have little or no control, no matter how bad the situation.” – Victor Frankl

Do you respond to adversity in the ways that lead you toward your goals?

  • Behaviors that lead you toward reaching your goals and meeting your needs are responsible.
  • Behaviors that lead you away from reaching your goals or meeting your needs are irresponsible.
  • Behaviors that harm other people are irresponsible.

Victor Frankl was a concentration camp prisoner during World War II. Members of his family were killed in the gas chamber; he and one sister were the only ones who survived. While he was captive, he studied how people responded to their circumstances. Under the most adverse circumstances imaginable, he learned that the only thing you and every other human being has true control over is yourself, not the actions or responses of any person other than yourself.

How your response to adversity affects your life:

  • It is responsible to choose your response based on its impact on reaching your worthwhile goals.
  • The responsible choice is to act rather than allow other people or circumstances to act on you.
  • Rather than identifying yourself with the results of behavioral research with animals, you can choose your response.

Change begins with you…

Planned personal inside-out change begins with you deciding what you want to change. Once you know who you are and what you are about, you can look to what you want to become. Think about what you want to be in five years or ten years from now.

ChangeYourLegacy-HCJoeRaymondWhat do you want people to say about you at your retirement party or even at your funeral? What legacy do you want to leave for your children and grandchildren? How do you want people to see you in history?

Once you know your desired outcome, you can work backward to what you need to do at this moment. One thing that may stop you from reaching your goal is that your fears are stronger than your desires. Desire is a powerful emotion that leads you to your objective. On the other hand, fear is an equally powerful emotion that leads you away fro your objective. Therefore, to change, you need…

  • A burning desire for change and a strong belief that you can.
  • Then you need to take action in the direction of that change.
  • Your desire needs to be stronger than your fear.
  • Your desires become your priorities.
  • These desires affect your decisions.

As you act on these decisions, you change your life. You achieve and you become.

In our next article we’ll talk about what steps you can take to begin your process of change.

This is an excerpt from my book “Embracing Change From the Inside Out”

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