Self Discovery

Recognize Your Gifts and Talents Through Self-Discovery

SelfDiscovery-JoeRaymondCore Gifts is an old idea, rooted in cultures around the world, which is that each person comes into this world with the capacity and desire to make a certain kind of contribution to the world around him or her…In addition to this gift, each of us also has many talents and skills. With your ‘Gift’, you can unlock significant authority and capacity for change inside us and in the world around us.” – Bruce Anderson, From the Heart (2003)

You enhance your self-discovery as you see your whole person. You do this as you learn what gifts you bring into the world and as you share them.

Let’s examine what gifts you bring to this “party” called life.

How can knowing your gift be useful to you?

It strengthens our confidence and self-worth.

It changes your orientation from despair to hope.

It helps you add value to your life and to the lives of those around you.

My Story of Self Discovery

In September 2003, I attended a workshop in Pasco, Washington, sponsored by the Family Policy Council. Bruce Anderson of Community Activators facilitated the training. We learned about finding our core gifts, telling our story, and welcoming others.

During one exercise, Bruce asked us to pick a person we were attracted to, someone who would be a partner in the search or our core gifts. I thought, “Well I am attracted to a lot of people here. How do I pick the right one?” I offered a silent prayer to lead me to the right person. I immediately went to a large Native American woman with a somewhat rough demeanor. When I asked “Penny” (not her real name) if she would like to be my partner, she said, “Yes, but I need to warn you that I am mean.”

I said, “I accept that and I think we can work well together.”

In the exercise, we learned that my core gift is embracing change, and that Penny’s gift is to be a warrior. Penny wrote: Joe’s gift is to embrace change. Joes does this by accepting people’s ideas, feelings and spirituality in a way that they respect themselves.

From Penny’s answers to the exercise questions, I discovered and wrote: Penny’s gift is to be a warrior. She does this by making her presence known and speaking for what she believes.

Penny said she has a hard time accepting change. I asked her what she is fighting for if not change. She agreed. We also discussed that for me to create positive change I need to be willing to fight for it. While our gifts seem opposite, we each need one another’s gifts to promote our own.

Makeadifference-HCJoeRaymondActually, underneath Penny’s rough demeanor is a very tender heart that was hurting. She would like to stop the pain and suffering of children. One of the exercise questions was: If you could invite someone to dinner what would you want to ask them and why? Her response was Jesus Christ and she would ask how does he handle all the suffering he sees in children? She said this was important because children need someone to fight or them.

Later that day Penny wrote me a note saying: Joe, I thank the Good Lord for the honor of working with you. I have learned a great deal from you in the last couple of hours we worked together. I am grateful that you were my partner and helped me understand my gift. Once again thanks for your understanding and the way you made me feel comfortable being able to express myself. I am grateful that there are people such as you that embrace change. It makes life so much easier for those who cannot. Take pride in what you have to offer. You are for sure an asset to your family and community.

Identify Your Gift

ShareYourGift-HCJoeRaymondFirst identify your gift, and then learn what talent and skills you have to support your gift. You may be wondering what service you can provide to fill a need in your community. You may want to know how you can add value to your life and other people’s lives. These discoveries provide your foundation.

What gift do you believe you bring to this world and how do you share your gift?

Your gift is your passion. It is what drives you. Your gift comes from your heart. It is your connection with your emotions and your relationships.

This is an excerpt from my book “Embracing Change From the Inside Out”

If you’re ready to make life changes from the inside out contact me, I will help you understand how to make those changes.

You can also contact me to speak at your next event, I will adjust my topic to the needs of your audience.

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