Joe Provides the Following Services:


  • Planning Your Personal Change
  • Finding Your Hidden Strengths
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Change
  • Inspiring Others to Change


  • Finding your “Peach Cow” – Discovering and Leveraging Your Gift
  • Resolving Conflict Within Yourself and Others
  • Reducing Stress in Your Personal and Work Life
  • Communicating at Home and in the Workplace

Individual, Family and Group Coaching

  • Personal Recovery from:
    • Addictions
    • Violence
    • Loss
    • Anger and Stress
  • Pocket Watch - H C Joe RaymondLife Skills
    • Creating a Home Environment that Promotes Healthy and Responsible Children
    • Managing Time and Stress
    • Managing Attitudes and Feelings
    • Communicating to Understand and to be Understood
    • Resolving Conflict at Home and at Work