Set Inspiring Goals

Do You Set Goals That Motivate and Inspire You?

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” – Judy Garland

NotAllGoalsEqual-HCJoeRaymondNot all goals are equal. Most objectives you set in your life are intended to help you improve. However, to go the distance, you need specific goals in place. Many people set a goal and wait for the magic to happen. That is not how it works.

To achieve your objectives, you must begin with a goal that fits and supports your vision. Otherwise, you will not feel a strong desire or motivation to take action. In fact, if your goal does not fit into and support your vision statement, it may actually set you back further than where you first began. It is vital that you understand what kind of goal you need.

Goals Should Get You On Track…

Earlier in my life, I wanted to make some significant changes. I listed several goals that I thought would get me on track and keep me going in the right direction. However, many of the changes I wanted to make did not happen. I continued going in, what was for me, the wrong direction. A key ingredient was missing. What was this missing ingredient? What did I need to do to ensure that real change would take place in my life?

I was looking outside myself rather than inward. I’d forgotten my peach cow. I was setting goals that I thought others expected me to have. They looked good on paper, but they did not inspire me. My goals were positive, but lacked power.  The missing ingredient was a goal that would inspire me to greater things.

Goals Should Embrace Your Passion…

ExcitingGoals-HCJoeRaymondYou may already have a list of goals you can review. Take a moment to think about your goals to see whether they align with you passion, vision, and mission. Now make a new list of goals, considering each area of your life: Health, finances, relationships, etc. Think back to your old goals and the new goals you just created.

  • Do these goals animate you?
  • Do they excite you about the future?
  • Do they inspire you to accomplish and become?
  • Do they move you?
  • Do your goals create a vivid picture of true happiness and lasting success in your mind?

Refine your list until you can answer “yes” to these questions. You want goals that support your vision statement and inspire you. Now take another look and decide: does your list make you want to leap out of your chair to make your goals reality? If not, continue to rework your goals until they align with your vision and inspire you. When you have a commitment to change a behavior, setting a goal will motivate you to succeed in achieving that change.

I strongly recommend using SMART goals, the most powerful type of goals. Try using the technique for setting SMART goals I will outline in my next article. Each element of a SMART goal plays an important role in the overall process. Without each element in its place, you will find the goals you set becoming harder to achieve.

This is an excerpt from my book “Embracing Change From the Inside Out”

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