Stress Relief

Strategies for Stress Relief

StressRelief-HCJoeRaymondIn our last article Stress, we talked about how stress can get in the way of your life. In this article, we’ll begin talking about some strategies to help you get stress relief.

Stress relief begins with you…

Take Time for Centering and Recreation.

People who actively pursue their dreams and passions are happier and less likely to suffer the negative effects of stress. Even these self-actualized individuals, in order to maintain the energy to achieve, need time to center and recreate. Recreate is formed by combining the prefix “re” (meaning anew or again) and create (to make). The definition is “to give new life or freshness to” or, to put it another way, refresh.

Those who do not learn how to switch from working time to recreation time will burn out lipitor diabetes. It is important to be productive when you have the opportunity to accomplish your goals. However, in order to be at your most productive, you also need to take time to recreate and rebuild.

Approach your recreation time wisely.

  • It is important to switch between productive time and recreation time to avoid burnout.
  • People who are normally highly productive can sometimes lose weeks, months and even years of productivity if they allow burnout to set in.
  • Learning to say NO to interruptions and distractions helps prevent burnout.

Set boundaries in your work and in your leisure time.

Someone Else’s Emergency is Not Yours

SomeoneElsesStress-HCJoeRaymondI remember that once I needed several copies of some material for a project I was overseeing. I noticed that the people working in the department in charge of making copies were busy, but not stressed. They had several projects to complete and a clear timeline. The key was in the way they defined emergency. Posted on the door was a sign that read “Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

Many people do a good job of setting boundaries to avoid interruptions to their work, but are reluctant to set the same boundaries for their relaxation or recreation time. How can you avoid intrusions on your recreation time?

When you are working, get tough about trivial interruptions that waste your time. Apply the same toughness to protecting your time for recreation. Enjoy time with your family, friends and fun activities; do not allow unnecessary intrusions and interruptions. Of course, if there is an emergency or an opportunity for service, you need to address it, but another person’s poor planning does not constitute an emergency for you.

In our next article, we’ll continue our discussion about how living a healthy lifestyle can help also.

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