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Respond to Adversity

” One last freedom that they cannot take away from me is the freedom to choose how I will respond to situations of which I have little or not control, not matter how bad the situation.” – Victor Frankl Do you respond to adversity in the ways that lead you toward your goals?

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Personal Change

Personal change is a choice. One of the greatest gifts we have is the freedom to choose. Yet, when it comes to change, many people wage an internal battle. Most people want to make some changes in their lives, yet they resist and fight the change. Some do not want to make the effort; others […]

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Stress Relief

Stress relief begins with you… Those who do not learn how to switch from working time to recreation time will burn out. It is important to be productive when you have the opportunity to accomplish your goals. However, in order to be at your most productive, you also need to take time to recreate and […]

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Recent studies indicate that stress increases the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems by pushing people towards habits of unhealthy behaviors. Over a seven-year follow-up period, incidence of cardiovascular events – heart attacks, stroke, bypass surgery and the like – was 50% higher among the people with a higher level of depression and […]

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Inspiration for Change

Perhaps as you have worked on the changes you want to make in your own life, you have run up against obstacles that made you want to quit. Then someone came along and said or did something that re-ignited the fire within you. You can have the same impact on others as you work to […]

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