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Your Self Discovery

Who are you? One of the reasons that many people do not reach their full potential is that they do not know who they are. To know who you are, you first want to consider the elements that make up who you are – your package of gifts, talents, and skills that you have at […]

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Mission Statement

Before committing to change, you must begin by discovering who you are – what gift you bring into this world. You must learn what talent and skills you have to support your gift. You must also think about what service you can provide to fill a need in your community. You may already be seeing […]

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Who Am I - HC Joe Raymond

Who Am I

When my children were growing up, I would often say to them, “Remember who you are”. Usually they would retort back “Oh Dad, I am . . .” then they would state their name. My concern was not that they would forget their name, but that they would not remember that they stood for something. […]

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