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Dealing with Stress

Inside out change requires you to engage your body, mind, heart and spirit. In other words, real change involves the whole person. But there are times in our lives when stress can prevent us from making the change we desire and make us feel like we’re at the end of our rope…

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Stress Relief

Stress relief begins with you… Those who do not learn how to switch from working time to recreation time will burn out. It is important to be productive when you have the opportunity to accomplish your goals. However, in order to be at your most productive, you also need to take time to recreate and […]

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Recent studies indicate that stress increases the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems by pushing people towards habits of unhealthy behaviors. Over a seven-year follow-up period, incidence of cardiovascular events – heart attacks, stroke, bypass surgery and the like – was 50% higher among the people with a higher level of depression and […]

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Reduce Stress - HC Joe Raymond

Reduce Stress

Every living being experiences stress. It is not possible to be alive without stress. Life is not fair. Life is not about being dealt a good hand; it is about playing well, whatever hand you have been dealt. The challenge is to reduce the negative effects of stress, and make stress work positively for you.

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