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How Does Self Discovery Enable Change?

“Every person is born with some sort of gift, an inclination or instinct that can become a full-blown mastery. Your Gift is the talent which you feel the deepest connection to, most compelled to learn about, and eager to give.” – Bruce Anderson, From the Heart (2003)

DiscoverWhoYouAre-HCJoeRaymondWho are you? One of the reasons that many people do not reach their full potential is that they do not know who they are. To know who you are, you first want to consider the elements that make up who you are – your package of gifts, talents, and skills that you have at your command to support your purpose.

When my children were growing up, I would often say to them, “Remember who you are.”

Usually they would retort, “Oh Dad, I am —“ and state their names. I was not concerned that they would forget their names, but that they would not remember what they stood for and what they valued. I wanted them to remember their heritage – their values, traditions and customs.

You are more than just a name and a number. You are always and always have been a unique individual wrapped in a package of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual elements. Take a few minutes to reflect on this question: Ask yourself, “Who am I?” This is very important. Who you believe you are affects all your other beliefs. It does not matter who others think you are or even who you believe others think you are. What is important is who you believe your are. Be honest. It does not matter if you agree or disagree with what others say. What is important is that you know who you are.

Who are you?

What is important to you? Take time to reflect and write down your answers in a journal.

One of the reasons you do not know who you are may be that you have allowed other people or circumstances to define who you are. Before you can commit to change, you need to know who you are apart from how you have allowed others to define you. One way to recognize who you are is to connect with our passion and discover the gift you bring to the world.

First identify your gift, and then learn what talent and skills you have to support your gift. You may be wondering what service you can provide to fill a need in your community. You may want to know how you can add value to your life and to other people’s lives. These discoveries provide your foundation

What gift do you bring to the world and how do you share your gift?

Who Am I - HC Joe RaymondIs it your passion? Is is what drives you? Your gift comes from your heart. It is your connection with your emotions and your relationships.

Talents are things you have an innate capacity for at birth and may or may not choose to engage with, develop, and give. – Bruce Anderson

Your talent is an expression of your mind. As you develop your talents, you enhance the expression of your gift.

Skills are things you have learned how to do and may or may not enjoy or feel motivated to do. – Bruce Anderson

  • You exercise your skills by training your body.
  • You develop your skills in response to a need.
  • They can enhance your talents and support your gift.

You connect to each of these – your gift, talents and skills – through your Spirit, the driving force behind who you are. As you align your gifts, talents and skills with your source of direction and power, and the needs of the people you serve, you move forward in a way that benefits the most people for the longest time my response.

Change isn’t easy, change is hard, but through self discovery, the understanding of who you are, you will be enabled to make positive change from the inside out.

This article is an excerpt from my book “Embracing Change From the Inside Out”

If you’re ready to make life changes from the inside out contact me, I will help you understand how to make those changes.

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